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Director of Bands

David España

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the John Burroughs High School Instrumental Music Program. You are in store for an excellent education, great memories, and a lot of fun. I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach you this upcoming year.  We have plenty of exciting opportunities for the upcoming school year, so I hope you are ready for a great time. With hard work, dedication, and a good attitude, this year will help each student develop as a musician and grow as a person. As a teacher, seeing that growth and development is what makes my job truly fulfilling.


You are very lucky to be a part of such an exceptional music program, and I am very lucky to have such an amazing parent group (JBHSIMA) to help make sure this program is supported to give your kids the best possible opportunities and experiences.  I am also very lucky to have such an exceptional staff by my side to make sure each student gets valuable and relevant instruction and training; you would be hard-pressed to find such an amazing, dedicated, and experienced staff anywhere else.


I hope every student and parent gets involved as much as they possibly can. The more you are actively involved in this program, the more fun you'll have. We are a big family here at John Burroughs High School, and we rely on each other to make sure that each student gets the best possible musical experience.


I look forward to having a great year. I'm excited to meet every parent and student involved in the JBHS Instrument Music Program. Welcome!

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