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Welcome to the JBHS IMA Booster Club!

School Year 2021-2022

When my daughter was younger, I had the great privilege of escorting her to a number of different Parent & Child classes offered by Burbank Parks & Rec.  It was a great way to not only entertain her but to see what kinds of activities she might be interested in.  The ones that seemed to speak to her most always centered around music.

I unfortunately don’t have much musical talent.  I can’t play an instrument.  I can’t tell you the difference between a C-sharp and a D-flat.  But I can do everything possible to provide the best musical experience for my little girl as I can.  And, today, I have the great privilege of volunteering with the John Burroughs High School Instrumental Music Association Booster Organization to help make that happen.

The main purpose of the JBHS IMA Boosters is to help raise money to fund musical activities and opportunities for the program’s students that simply are not available with district funding alone.  We work with Mr. Arakelian to help fulfill his vision of what the best band program could be.  Our efforts help buy new instruments or repair existing ones.  We supplement opportunities to play concerts, attend events and represent the school and the community through music.  The more successful our efforts, the more our kids get to do what they love.

We also provide support to the program by arranging for the parent and community volunteers needed to make these opportunities happen.  They say it takes a village and that is definitely true when it comes to ensuring band-related activities happen.  There are many avenues available to helping the program – from coordinating events to soliciting donations to working concessions.  Please give some of your time to help make this year the best possible.  See our Volunteer Page for more information.

Finally, this is a year of transition and a chance to come together and be together again in person.  I know how challenging the previous year had been and am looking forward to having a return to listening to live music once again.  I know our kids are eager to return to playing it.

Be sure to follow us on social media, attend our board meetings, check out our website for the latest news and events, and check your inbox for regular newsletters.  We literally cannot do this without everyone working together to make a difference.  Help us make this a year the kids will always remember!


Matt Walker
President, JBHS IMA Booster Club
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