Elected Positions

Band President: The Band President's primary function is to provide student leadership and direction to all of the IMA ensembles. The Band President will be responsible for organizing, communicating, and leading activities, as well as leading weekly Band Council meetings. The President is a position of service as well as leadership. The President's responsibility is to do whatever needs to be done for the students of the music program to have a successful experience. If interested in running, the President must have a Vice President Running mate.

Vice President: The primary function of the Vice President is to assist the Band President in providing student leadership and direction to the IMA ensembles. The Vice President should be available to lead and step up in the case of the President's absence. Added responsibilities include going to the Band Booster meeting on a monthly basis and reporting back to band council about what the band boosters have been working towards. Vice President is tasked with being head of fundraising in the Band Council. If interested in running, the Vice President must have a President Running mate.

Executive Communications Officer: The Executive Communication Officer is responsible for the IMA Communications. They will also be responsible for contacting all students by phone, email, and social media. They will be the voice of the band council. The Executive Communication Officer will act as the liaison to the ASB and athletics on behalf of the IMA. As our Public Relations Officer, the Executive Communication Officer will also be responsible for on-campus announcements. The Executive Communication Officer will have a team of Ensemble Representatives to make sure there is adequate communication between all three ensembles.


Secretary: The Secretary's job is to work with the President and Vice President and create the agenda for the weekly band council meetings. The Secretary is also responsible for keeping meetings on task, recording minutes of the weekly meetings, and keeping meeting attendance. Secretary should be prepared to distribute and make copies of minutes when a copy is requested and to report back to the Director and Assistant Director about the meetings.


Historian: The Historian will preserve the memory of the band by taking pictures and video of rehearsals and all important band events. The Historian is also responsible for making slideshow videos and collages for all band recruiting events, community events, and concerts. The Historian is also responsible for creating a scrapbook for the year.


Ensemble Representatives: Three ensemble representatives will be elected [one for each ensemble (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band)]. They will be nominated and elected by members of their own ensemble. They will be responsible for checking in with their peers to hear any questions, comments, or concerns that should be presented at the Band Council meetings. They will also be responsible for reporting to the Executive Communication Officer.


Burroughs Beat (Jazz Band) Student Director: The Burroughs Beat Student Director will be in charge of organizing any on-campus events, working alongside the Executive Communications Officer, leading rehearsals and warm ups when teacher is not present, and managing logistics for the ensemble.

Appointed Positions

Section Leaders: Sections Leaders are responsible for running weekly sectional rehearsals. During the first semester, sectionals should be focused on marching band related music and marching/maneuvering. Second semester sectionals should be focused on Solo & Ensemble and Concert literature. Section Leaders will also be responsible for bringing forward any problems (music, behavior, marching, etc.) to the IMA staff or top student leaders to discuss ways to work on those concerns. They will also be in charge of their section at all band events, rehearsals, performances, and concerts.


Head Librarian: The Head Librarian will assemble his/her team to take responsibility for the library including (but not limited to) organization of the library, creating inventory, hanging out copies, assembling library team, and any other duties needed.

Equipment Manager: The responsibilities of the Equipment Manager include instrument inventory, transporting and maintaining equipment/lockers, assembling equipment team, and working alongside parent volunteers.


Auditioned Positions

Head Drum Major: Head Drum Major is the candidate with the highest score from Drum Major auditions. Responsibilities include rehearsing the group and maintaining an effective rehearsal atmosphere. On the field, the Head Drum Major is the highest position of student leader.


Assistant Drum Major: Assistant Drum Major is the candidate with the second highest score from Drum Major auditions. Responsibilities include assisting the Head Drum Major with any responsibilities needed.

**Band Council Expectations: All students who have earned their spots in Band Council are expected to do the following:

Follow their job description and ask for help when in need.

Attend all band council meetings.

Actively seek out ways to help other members of the IMA, including, Director, Staff, Band Council members and Boosters.

Communicate openly with the Director and other members of band council.

Any service must be in support of the Director's vision for the program.

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