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The Booster Club holds monthly board and booster meetings, which are posted on the calendar page of the IMA website. The Board of Directors will meet to discuss the best methods for meeting the needs of the program as dictated by the music director and general business issues. Key coordinators and the bookkeeper are also invited to attend Board meetings to discuss the needs of upcoming events. Committee chairpersons meet with their volunteers to discuss and work directly on specific planning and coordination. Finally, the general booster organization meets to provide fundraising and event information and organize volunteers for upcoming events and activities.

Monthly meeting schedule:

First (1st) Monday 7 p.m. - Board Meeting - Board of Directors & Key Coordinators

Second (2nd) Monday 7 p.m. - Booster Meeting - All parents/families


Because the organization runs on volunteer power, it is important to attend as many booster meetings as possible. This is a minimal monthly commitment, as the Booster Meeting usually concludes by 8 p.m.

Click HERE to view a copy of JBHS IMA Bylaws.

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